DentalCAD Documentation - Index of topics

Welcome to exocad's English online documentation! See below for a list of topics.

Videos for beginners

When getting started with exocad DentalCAD, we recommend to watch introduction videos first. Afterwards, you can dive into the more advanced features documented in the Wiki.




See hardware and software requirements for exocad products: Hardware Requirements

DentalDB Application

DentalDB ApplicationAn in-depth video tutorial is available: DentalDB Application

DentalCAD Application


Implant Module

To get started with the Implant Module, we recommend to watch our training video first.

Written documentation about the individual steps can be found below:

Angulated Screw ChannelsVideo Tutorial: Angulated Screw Channels

Advanced training videos for specific types of implant bridges are also available.

Bar Module

Bite Splint Module

Provisional Module

Full Denture Module

Full Denture DesignWatch the video tutorial: Full Denture Design

Designing a single arch dentureWatch the video tutorial: Designing a single arch denture

Digital Denture MethodesWatch the video tutorial: Digital Denture Methodes

Model Creator

Model Creator Plateless ModelWatch the video tutorial: Model Creator Plateless Model

Model Creator, Implant ModelWatch the video tutorial: Model Creator, Implant Model

Virtual Articulator

Smile Creator

Smile CreatorWatch the video tutorial: Smile Creator

Smile CreatorLearn Smile Creator in 7 min: Smile Creator

exocam - exocad's CAM software

An introduction to exocamAlso available is a training video: An introduction to exocam

exoplan - exocad's implant planning software

  • exoplan comes with extensive documentation, provided in PDF format.
An introduction to exoplanIn addition, a training video is available: An introduction to exoplan

exoplan Case Demonstration - Planning of implants and design of a surgical guideFor the complete work flow, including Surgical Guide Design, see this video: exoplan Case Demonstration - Planning of implants and design of a surgical guide

Partial Frameworks


How to set up dentalshareWatch the video: How to set up dentalshare


Further Case Demonstrations

You can learn more about the software by watching one of our Full Case Demonstration videos, which illustrate the usage of exocad software do solve difficult/complex cases.