Setting up integration between iTero Element and exocad


This page documents the setup for integration between iTero Element intraoral scanners and exocad DentalDB/ChairsideDB, for the following setup:

  • A separate PC is used to run exocad software (e.g. a CAD/CAM PC connected to the milling machine), that is connected to the same network (LAN) as the iTero Element.
  • The PC runs exocad ChairsideCAD or an exocad DentalCAD release from 2018 or later

If the scanner and the design PC are not running in the same LAN, e.g. in a scenario where a doctor is sending cases to a lab, you can use the itero exocad Connector™ (see setup instructions here) instead, for a smooth integration between iTero and exocad.

What you'll get

iTero Element and exocad integration - live demoSee the smooth integration in action: iTero Element and exocad integration - live demo

Once the integration is properly set up, Chair-side milling cases scanned on the iTero element will automatically be added to the case list in exocad, without needing to manually importing them. On the CAD/CAM PC on which exocad DentalDB/ChairsideDB runs, the user will be notified of new incoming cases with a notification message such as this:


Aside from the scan data, additional information like the selection of indication, material select, etc will also be transferred automatically.

Which cases will be transferred


All cases that have "Case Type" set to "Chair Side Milling" in the case setup will be auto-imported. Therefore, make sure to have the type always set to "Chair Side Milling" for cases you'd like to auto-import on the machine running exocad, regardless of whether you use exocad ChairsideCAD exocad's lab software on that computer.


The following steps only need to be done once, for the initial setup.

What to do on the iTero element

1. Log in to your iTero element. From the main screen, tap the gear icon to open the settings screen:


2. On the settings screen, tap "Export settings":


3. On the following screen, note the local network address displayed in bold letters (starting with "\\"). You will need to enter this address on the CAD/CAM PC later on, as described below.


What to do on the CAD/CAM PC that runs exocad software

4. Now, we start setting up the iTero's Export Folder as Network Drive on the CAD/CAM PC. To do so, open Windows Explorer (e.g. using hotkey Windows+E), and right-click on "This PC". Then, click "Map network Drive":


5. In the next screen, select a drive letter that's available from the "Drive:" drop-down box, e.g. "L:". Next to "Folder:", type in the exact network path that you've noted in step 3.


6. Click "Finish". The network drive setup is now completed.

7. Next, please open exocad DentalDB or ChairsideDB, respectively. Click the "Settings" link in the lower left of the screen (if the DB application is already running, click the "New" button to start a new case and thus expose the "Settings" link).

8. In the ChairsideDB/DentalDB settings screen, unfold the "ITERO PROJECT IMPORT CONFIGURATION" section by clicking on it:


9. Ensure that "automatic iTero import" is enabled. Then, click the folder icon on the lower right.


10. Select the drive you've previously mapped, e.g. "L:":


11. Confirm with "OK", then "OK" again.

12. Done! Automatic case transfer should now be working.

Additional information

Required exocad configuration options for exocad to enable this import feature

iTero auto-import is available in exocad ChairsideCAD and in DentalCAD 2.2 Valletta (or later). However, certain options must be set in the DentalDB configuration, for this automatic import to work - as the auto-import is disabled by default. These are set in the XML file DentalDB\config\settings-db.xml. Please contact your reseller if you require configuration changes. The following options should be set:

  • Enabling iTero import feature (typically, this is enabled by default)


  • Enabling auto-import by watching directory (this typically needs to be enabled!), and setting appropriate import delay:



Please note that without adding these settings, the auto-import will not work.

Troubleshooting: Notification/Auto-Import of new cases temporarily not working

Please ensure that both computers are online and reliably connected to the network, whenever you use the automatic case transfer. In case of network connectivity issues (e.g. when the iTero computer temporarily drops out of the network), the automatic import of cases from iTero will be halted.

  • If new cases no longer show up on the CAD/CAM PC automatically, check the network connection, and close and then restart exocad DentalDB/ChairsideDB
  • Any cases that may have been 'missed' during or after the network downtime will be auto-imported after starting DentalDB/Chairside DB again.

Understanding & troubleshooting material mappings

On the iTero element, a multitude of materials is available. However, the list of materials on the iTero element may differ from the list of materials available on your CAD/CAM system. A mapping between the materials available on iTero element and the materials available for your production system can be configured by your exocad reseller. For example, "Gold" will typically not be milled directly in a dental lab or practice, but many machines can mill wax, which is then suitable for casting gold. So, a useful configuration option would be to map "gold" to "wax" for CAD/CAM purposes.

  • If no material mapping is defined at all for a particular material defined on the iTero, the DentalDB/ChairsideDB software will notify the user about this fact, and will fall back to a default material (typically Zirconia).
  • Original material selection (that was done on the iTero) will be added to the Notes field.
  • Your exocad reseller controls the material mapping through his exocad configurations. If your configuration has incorrect or missing material mappings, please report these and have them fixed.
  • If you run into a message with iTero:Project import paused, check this information for a detailed explanation about how to proceed.

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