Provisional crown stump models

Models for provisionalsWatch the video tutorial: Models for provisionals

This page shows you how to create a model with a provisional stump based on the design of an eggshell provisional. This can be useful as a preview/guide for the final preparation, or as a tool to facilitate the manual finishing of the provisional crown.

  • Step 1: After finishing the provisional restoration design [1], please select the option Design model [2] and click Next [3] in order to open the Model creator.

Provisional model-1.PNG

  • Step 2: Select the Model Type [4] and proceed with the Alignment [5]. Check this page for further information about model alignment. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Provisional model-02.PNG

  • Step 3: The following step, gives you the option to have more teeth detachable on the model. If you keep the Default selection [6], only the 36 will be detachable. In order to have other detachable teeth [7], please click on the corresponding tooth. Click next when done.

Provisional model-03.PNG

  • Step 4: In this step, note that is recommended to virtually extract the tooth before creating models with provisional stumps [8]. Switch to Expert [9] to perform this step.

Provisional model-04.PNG

  • Step 5: Right Click on the tooth and choose the option Extract Tooth [10].

Provisional model-05.PNG

  • Step 6: In the Extract Tooth dialog window, choose the type of copy [11]. Click on the tooth you wish to extract, for further information on this topic, check this page. To finalize this step click Ok [13].

Provisional model-06.PNG

  • Step 7: Go back to the Wizard [14] mode and continue the remaining steps.

Provisional model-07.PNG

  • Step 8: In the ‘Provisionals tab’, select one of the following options [A], [B] or [C]. Check the image below to indentify the differences.

Provisional model-08.PNG

  • Step 9: In the Settings tab [15] select the desired parameters and click Run [16] to create the model. Click ‘Next’ to move forward.

Provisional model-09.PNG

  • Step 10: At this point Model Attachments [17] you can add Attachments or Text. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Provisional model-10.PNG

  • Step 11: In the last step Finished [18] clicking ‘Next’ with the ‘I’m done’ option, the CAD software will be closed and the files are saved in the project directory.

Provisional model-11.PNG