WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2020 on. See documentation for older versions


The attachment feature is available in each free-forming step.

  • Start by choosing an attachment from the libraries provided by our partners.
  • Then click on the restoration to add the selected part to the restoration. By default, attachments will be added parallel to the restoration's insertion direction..

  • ATT 1.png

    • To add the chosen attachment select Add [1].

    • To subtract or boolean the attachment select Subtract [2]. It enables you to remove or cut out specified geometries from the restoration part.

    • Attachment Library and Type [3].

    • You can Move [4] by holding the left mouse button to drag the attachment.

    • Click on the Rotate [5] button to rotate it along the insertion axis.

    • Scaling [6] is also possible, but only for a few chosen attachments, as for most attachments the geometry shall not be changed.

    • Set the attachment direction [7] to the Top of the restoration, or the direction of the View or orthogonal to the Surface. When designing implant restorations, there are some more insertion axis options.

    • Check the Cut on gingiva [8] box if you desire to adapt the attachment to the gingiva and choose the desired distance. Positive values create a gap, while negative values lead to a specified intersection.

    • When clicking the Apply button, the attachment will be adapted to the gingiva and merged with the restoration. And you can Unload [9] currently placed attachment to work on a different reconstruction or hide it during regular free-forming.
    Tip Delete key has the same effect as Unload

    Parametric Design

    You have the possibility to create attachments with a Parametric Design (Extrusion) feature.

    ATT 2.png

  • Select the desired cross section from the drop-down box in the Profiles window. The chosen profile will be extruded along the view axis.
  • ATT 3.png

  • Each profile can be adjusted and designed with a couple of parameters.
  • If you would like to use the adjusted profile again, your profile can be saved
  • ATT 4.png

  • And loaded again later
  • ATT 5.png

  • To place, hold the left mouse button to drag.Unless you click Apply you may still change the attachment design, even if it has already been placed.
  • ATT 8.png

  • Parametric Design (Rotation) option, will rotate the profile around it's own axis. The same profiles are available as for the parametric extrusion.
  • ATT 6.png

    Text Attachment

  • You have the possibility to add Text to the restoration.
  • Type the desired text into the text field.
  • Place the text at the desired position.
  • You may use the sliders to adjust the size and thickness of the text.
  • ATT 7.png

    Among the provided libraries and the parametric design, you'll find in addition the possibility to import your own stl file.

    HotkeyUseful hotkeys are available in the "Attachment" mode.

    Once the attachment is placed by mouse click, you can move it by mouse. Hold SHIFT to move along insertion direction, Hold CTRL to rotate around insertion direction

    Hold CTRL+SHIFT to rotate freely].


    Conisch handvat.sdfa Lepel handvat kort.sdfa Lepel handvat lang.sdfa Lepel handvat schein small.sdfa Lepel handvat schein.sdfa Steun Lepel.sdfa
    Att-Blijdent-Conisch-handvat.png Att-Blijdent-Lepel-handvat-koft.png Att-Blijdent-Lepel-handvat-lang.png Att-Blijdent-Lepel-schuin-small.png Att-Blijdent-Lepel-handvat-schuin.png Att-Blijdent-Steun-Lepel.png

    LV1-Retention.sdfa Vario-Kugel-Snap oc 1.7mm.sdfa Vario-Kugel-Snap oc 2.2mm.sdfa Vario-Kugel-Snap sg 1.7mm.sdfa Vario-Kugel-Snap sg 2.2mm.sdfa
    Att-Bredent-LV1-Rtention.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-oc1.7mm.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-oc2.2mm.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-sg1.7mm.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-sg2.2mm.sdfa.png
    Vario-Kugel-Snap threat sleeve 1.7mm.sdfa Vario-Kugel-Snap threat sleeve 2.2mm.sdfa Vario-Soft3 mini sv.sdfa Vario-Soft3 mini.sdfa Vario-Soft3 sv.sdfa
    Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-threatsleeve1.7mm.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Kugel-Snap-threatsleeve2.2mm.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft3-mini-sv.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft3-mini.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft3-sv.sdfa.png
    Vario-Soft3.sdfa Vario-Soft Steg attachment.sdfa Vario-Soft Steg bar attachment.sdfa
    Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft3.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft-Steg.sdfa.png Att-Bredent-Vario-Soft-Steg-bar.sdfa.png


    Att-CM-M-SG Start.sdfa.png


    C+M_SG Geschiebe
    SG Male part.sdfa

    CEKA REVAX M2 female keeper 30.sdfa CEKA REVAX M2 female keeper 45 No Plate.sdfa CEKA REVAX M2 female keeper 45.sdfa CEKA REVAX M2 female keeper 60.sdfa CEKA REVAX M3 female keeper 30.sdfa
    CEKA-REVAX-M2-female-keeper30.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M2-female-keeper45-NoPlate.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M2-female-keeper45.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M2-female-keeper60.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M3-female-keeper30.sdfa.png
    CEKA REVAX M3 female keeper 45 No Plate.sdfa CEKA REVAX M3 female keeper 45.sdfa CEKA REVAX M3 female keeper 60.sdfa PRECI-CLIX male keeper 30.sdfa PRECI-CLIX male keeper 45 No Plate.sdfa
    CEKA-REVAX-M3-female-keeper45-NoPlate.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M3-female-keeper45.sdfa.png CEKA-REVAX-M3-female-keeper60.sdfa.png CEKA-CLIX-male-keeper30.sdfa.png CEKA-CLIX-male-keeper45-NoPlate.sdfa.png
    PRECI-CLIX male keeper 45.sdfa PRECI-CLIX male keeper 60.sdfa PRECI-VERTIX male No Plate.sdfa
    CEKA-CLIX-male-keeper45.sdfa.png CEKA-CLIX-male-keeper60.sdfa.png PRECI-VERTIX-male-NoPlate.sdfa.png

    Default.sdfa Generic-PR-V-slim-short.sdfa Generic-PR-V.sdfa Generic-VS.sdfa
    Att-Generic-Default.sdfa.png Att-Generic-PR-V-slim-short.sdfa.png Att-Generic-PR-V.sdfa.png Att-Generic-VS.sdfa.png

    GeoMedi MultiUnit
    mmu-48-1.0.sdfa mmu-48-2.0.sdfa mmu-48-3.0.sdfa mmu-55-1.0.sdfa mmu-55-2.0.sdfa mmu-55-3.0.sdfa
    Mmu-48-1.0.sdfa.png Mmu-48-2.0.sdfa.png Mmu-48-3.0.sdfa.png Mmu-55-1.0.sdfa.png Mmu-55-2.0.sdfa.png Mmu-55-3.0.sdfa.png

    NobilMetal LV Kon-R16
    KN-852-W-2gradi.sdfa KN-852-W-2.sdfa
    KN-852-W-2.sdfa.png KN-852-W-2.sdfa.png

    NobilMetal LV R1606
    SG-1.7.sdfa SG-2.2.sdfa SP-TI45_A.sdfa SP-TI45_B.sdfa SP-TI60.sdfa
    SG-1.7.sdfa.png SG-2.2.sdfa.png SP-TI45 A.sdfa.png SP-TI45 B.sdfa.png SP-TI60.sdfa.png
    VR-3.5.sdfa VR-4.0.sdfa VR-4.5.sdfa VR-5.0.sdfa VR-5.5.sdfa
    VR-3.5.sdfa.png VR-4.0.sdfa.png VR-4.5.sdfa.png VR-5.0.sdfa.png VR-5.5.sdfa.png

    A1-VERTICAL-30°_1.7_exocad.sdfa A13-BOLA-1.7_CO-CR_exocad.sdfa A14-BOLA-2.2_CO-CR_exocad.sdfa A2-VERTICAL-60°_1.7_exocad.sdfa A3-VERTICAL-30°_2.2_exocad.sdfa
    A1-VERTICAL-30 1.7 exocad.sdfa.png A13-BOLA-1.7 CO-CR exocad.sdfa.png A14-BOLA-2.2 CO-CR exocad.sdfa.png A2-VERTICAL-60 1.7 exocad.sdfa.png A3-VERTICAL-30 2.2 exocad.sdfa.png
    A4-VERTICAL-60°_2.2_exocad.sdfa A5-BOLA ROACH-1.7_exocad.sdfa A6-BOLA ROACH-2.2_exocad.sdfa
    A4-VERTICAL-60 2.2 exocad.sdfa.png A5-BOLA-ROACH-1.7 exocad.sdfa.png A6-BOLA-ROACH-2.2 exocad.sdfa.png

    OT Bar-Castable Bar.sdfa OT Cap-Mirco-2mm Thread.sdfa OT Cap-Mirco-Extension Arm.sdfa OT Cap-Normal-2mm Thread.sdfa OT Cap-Normal-Extension Arm.sdfa
    OT-Bar-Castable.sdfa.png OT-Cap-Mirco-2mm-Thread.sdfa.png OT-Cap-Mirco-Extension-Arm.sdfa.png OT-Cap-Normal-2mm-Thread.sdfa.png OT-Cap-Normal-Extension-Arm.sdfa.png
    OT Equator-2mm Thread.sdfa OT Strategy-male.sdfa OT Strategy-Steady.sdfa OT Tenco-Extension Arm.sdfa OT Vertical-Plus-Steady male.sdfa
    OT-Equator-2mm-Thread.sdfa.png OT-Stratey-male.sdfa.png OT-Stratey-Steady.sdfa.png OT-Tenco-Extension-Arm.sdfa.png OT-Vertical-Plus-Steady-male.sdfa.png

    Ring Donut
    Donut-Shape-1.sdfa Donut-Shape-2.sdfa Donut-Shape-3.sdfa Donut-Shape-4.sdfa Donut-Shape-5.sdfa
    Donut-Shape-1.sdfa.png Donut-Shape-2.sdfa.png Donut-Shape-3.sdfa.png Donut-Shape-4.sdfa.png Donut-Shape-5.sdfa.png
    Donut-Shape-6.sdfa Ring-Shape-3.sdfa Ring-Shape-4.sdfa Ring-Shape-5.sdfa
    Donut-Shape-6.sdfa.png Ring-Shape-3.sdfa.png Ring-Shape-4.sdfa.png Ring-Shape-5.sdfa.png

    132111300.sdfa 132111300-SLM.sdfa 134141300-SLM.sdfa 134151300.sdfa 69977E.sdfa
    132111300.sdfa.png 132111300-SLM.sdfa.png 134141300-SLM.sdfa.png 134151300.sdfa.png 69977E.sdfa.png


    Era-Micro-overdenture-male-with-metaljacket.sdfa Era-RV-Micro-male-metaljacket.sdfa Era-RV-Micro-male-without-metaljacket.sdfa Era-RV-Standard-male-with-metaljacket.sdfa Era-Standard-overdenture-female-Outline.sdfa
    Era-Micro-overdenture-male-with-metaljacket.sdfa.png Era-RV-Micro-male-metaljacket.sdfa.png Era-RV-Micro-male-without-metaljacket.sdfa.png Era-RV-Standard-male-with-metaljacket.sdfa.png Era-Standard-overdenture-female-Outline.sdfa.png
    Era-Standard-overdenture-male-metaljacket.sdfa Era-Standard-overdenture-male-without-metaljacket.sdfa Stern-Snap-Retaining-Cap.sdfa
    Era-Standard-overdenture-male-metaljacket.sdfa.png Era-Standard-overdenture-male-without-metaljacket.sdfa.png Stern-Snap-Retaining-Cap.sdfa.png

    TruAbutment DS
    All-on-T-1.0.sdfa All-on-T-2.0.sdfa All-on-T-3.0.sdfa T-LOC-1.0.sdfa T-LOC-2.0.sdfa T-LOC-3.0.sdfa
    All-on-T-1.0.sdfa.png All-on-T-2.0.sdfa.png All-on-T-3.0.sdfa.png T-LOC-1.0.sdfa.png T-LOC-2.0.sdfa.png T-LOC-3.0.sdfa.png