Splitting Bridges

This page shows you how to split a bridge into two parts after designing it. The feature is useful to deal with divergent insertion axes, or to work around limitations of the production system (cut in software/weld on model for passive fit; making large bridges despite machine blank size limitations)

Step 1: When the wizard asks you to 'Select Next Step', chose 'Free-form restorations' to be able to edit the finished bridge.


Step 2: Switch to expert mode by clicking on the 'Expert' button in the button bar on the right of the screen.


Step 3: Right-click the bridge. Choose 'Split bridge' from the context menu.


Step 4: Choose the desired splitter and position it. Take extra care not to position it in a way that certain parts of the bridge will be too thin after cutting. Click 'Apply' to split the bridge.


Tip: To see the parts individually, right-click the part to hide, and use "Visual Properties -> Hide this object" to hide one section of the bridge.

Finally, click "OK".