First step - choose implant type for construction in DentalDB

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2022 on. See documentation for older versions

Implant type

If you want to construct a custom abutment or a screw-retained bridge, you can choose this option in the DentalDB, see section "Defining jobs for individual teeth".

To choose the implant type on a selected tooth, choose under Implant-based? [1] "Custom Abutment" or "Screw-retained".

TipPlease see Screw Retained Bridge Design: How to deal with non-ideal implant placement for important considerations when setting screw-retained bridges.

Custom Abutment

1st steps 1 3.1.png

Screw Retained

1st steps 2 3.1.png

If you have scanned a model and would like to have a separate scan with the gingiva, under ' Additional Scans' select Extra gingiva scan [2] and the type of Scan body scan [3].

On stock abutment

Design implant-based restorations based on stock abutment libraries. The crown on top of the stock abutment will be designed without an emergence profile and screw channel. 1st steps 3 3.1.png

Manual positioning

If you have a Ti-base to scan and would like to position the screw channel manually, click over the Scan Body Scan and select the option Don't use Scan Body. It will automatically change the Implant-based? options into (manual positioning). 1st steps 4 3.1.png

TipNext: Follow Designing implant-based restorations or Screw retained bridge design for next steps in explanation.