First step - choose implant type for construction in DentalDB

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2015 on. See documentation for older versions

Implant type

If you want to construct a custom abutment or a screw-retained bridge, you can choose this option in the DentalDB, see section "Defining jobs for individual teeth".

To choose the implant type on a selected tooth, unfold the combo box Implant-based? [1] and select "On Custom Abutment" or "Screw-retained".

TipPlease see Screw Retained Bridge Design: How to deal with non-ideal implant placement for important considerations when setting screw-retained bridges.
Custom Abutment Screw Retained
Choose implanttype custom abutment svg.jpg Choose implanttype screw retained svg.png

If you have scanned a model with a separate scan, unfold the combo box Scan gingiva seperately? [2] and select "Yes".

TipNext: Follow Designing implant-based restorations or Screw retained bridge design for next steps in explanation.