Designing implant-based restorations

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2020 on. See documentation for older versions


Implant based restoration.png

After the CAD process have been started we see three scans

  • Model scan [1]
  • Gingiva scan[2], if 'Separate Gingiva scan' is selected in DentalDB
  • Scan of the scan abutment [3]

The exact workflow presented to you by the Wizard will depend on whether you're designing a custom abutment, or a screw retained structure.

Switch Implant Connection Library

To switch the implant connection during the design of the reconstruction please enter in the expert mode and follow the described steps:

Step 1 : Select the option Switch Implant Connection Library
Switch implant 1a.png
Step 2: Choose one of the compatible library options from the drop-down menu

Switch implant 2.png
Step 3: In some implant connections you can also change the diameter as seen below

Switch implant 3.png

Select Implant Type

Switch Implant typeWatch this video about: Switch Implant type

In order to change the implant reconstruction type, for example, from custom abutment to screw retained, please enter in the expert mode and select the option Select Implant Type

Select implant type 1.png
In the drop-down menu, you can now choose a different option

Select implant type 2.png
Click OK to apply the changes.

WarningChanging this setting with existing planned or designed parts might discard some or all of the parts and the operation is not reversible after clicking 'OK'. Save a scene file before you continue