Overdenture on ball attachments

Below you will find a guided workflow for overdentures on ball attachments for the design of the final or temporary denture. DB ball attachments-03.png

  • Launch DentalDB and start by specifying the work type as "Full Denture" for the upper jaw. Click on tooth 17, define the material, and proceed by clicking OK.

DB ball attachments-04.png

  • When prompted to select the denture type, choose Single arch denture. The application will automatically select the full denture in the upper jaw and the antagonist in the lower jaw.

DB ball attachments-07.png

  • Select the teeth designated for ball attachments. Choose the option On ball attachment under implant based.

DB ball attachments-08.png

  • Moreover, under Additional scan, select Scan Body Scan. Confirm the changes by clicking OK. When prompted with the message about denture options, select On currently selected tooth only to apply exclusively to the chosen tooth. Repeat this process for tooth 23.

DB ball attachments-11.png

  • Select Design to launch DentalCAD, initiating the design.

Ball attachment-01.png

Ball attachment-02.png

Ball attachment-03.png

  • Continue with the standard denture design steps. Start with the Model Analysis.

Ball attachment-04.png

Ball attachment-05.png

Ball attachment-06.png

  • Clicking next, the Free-forming tools are available to modify the denture design.

Ball attachment-07.png

Ball attachment-08.png

Ball attachment-09.png

Ball attachment-10.png

Ball attachment-12.png

Ball attachment-13.png