Denture tooth placement

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2022 on. See documentation for older versions


We are constantly updating and extending our approved denture tooth libraries for DentalCAD denture design. Click here to get an overview of denture tooth libraries and possible production options.

In the “Prosthetic tooth placement” step the sets of denture teeth available in the software are automatically compared with the values from the preceding model analysis.

Check how to set up the Denture teeth Library manager to download denture teeth libraries.


Denture Tooth Placement 1 3.1.png

The difference produced from the model analysis and the width of the sets of the denture teeth is given in mm and highlighted with coloured marking:

Green: suitable sets of denture teeth

Red: less suitable sets of denture teeth

This enables a quick, reliable selection of the sets of denture teeth. The software also provides a digital tooth mould chart to facilitate tooth selection. In addition to the description of the set of denture teeth, the dropdown menu [1] of the tooth selection also contains a preview of the respective mould Chart [2] which can be used to view the shape and size of the set of denture teeth. The respective mould Chart [3] is then faded in with further details by moving the mouse over the chart. The software automatically selects suitable sets of denture teeth using the Auto select button.

Denture Tooth Placement 2 3.1.png
  • Allow you to use a previously saved personalized set-up of teeth [4].

  • Filter Only scalable [5] is enabled by default, if you have allowed scaling from initial placement in dental DB for Milling or Printing Base and teeth .

  • Filter All [6] is the default if lock scaling during design has been selected in dental DB for using the stock denture teeth .

  • Placement of the second molar is optional [7] .

  • Click Auto select if you wish to get back to the default selection [8] .

  • Click on Place Posteriors to apply the selected tooth library for the posteriors [9] .

  • Once the posterior tooth set has been chosen, you may place the anterior. Click on Place Anterior to apply the selected tooth library for the anterior [10] .

  • Click on Reload shapes [11] to load the original unmodified tooth shapes while trying to maintain their current positions.
  • TipTo enforce reloading shapes from the library folder, hold CTRL while clicking the button.

    Denture teeth Library manager

    Download more libraries 3.1.png

    • Click on the dropdown menu and the option Download more libraries... [1] will be available.

    Exocad library manager 3.1.png

    • Afterwards it will open the exocad library manager [2]

    Select denture teeth 3.1.png

    • There are multiple partners available, choose from the list and click on View and download libraries [3].

    Add to download list 3.1.png

    • Select from the list which libraries to download and click on Add to download list [4]

    Go to download list 3.1.png

    • After selecting the desired libraries, click Go to download list [5]

    Fill information 3.1.png

    • Fill out the information required [6].

    Install libraries 3.1a.png

    • Click Install libraries [7] to start the download process.

    Download and instalation status 3.1.png

    • Wait until the Download and installation status is 100%.

    • In order to use the recently installed libraries, re-start the software.
    TipOnly download the needed libraries to keep this process as simple as possible.


    The Preset tab allows you to select a generic or custom-made tooth set up. You can save and reuse a personalized tooth set up by choosing different libraries, correcting the tooth placement and free forming.

    Step 1: When you are ready to save the tooth set-up, click Expert [1] in the Main Toolbar, to exit the Wizard mode.

    3.1 Preset-01.png

    Step 2: First, right-click in the background [2] to open the expert options and select Export current tooth setup as preset [3].

    3.1 Preset-02 b-02.png

    Step 3: Afterwards define the Display name [4] and click OK [5] to move forward.

    3.1 Preset-03.png

    Step 4: You can define a different name for the file by changing the Filename [6] as shown below. Click Save [7] to finish.

    3.1 Preset-04.png

    Step 5:After saving the preset, a Success message [8] will show up confirming that the preset was saved.

    3.1 Preset -05.png

    Step 6: Click Wizard [9] in the main Toolbar to return to the workflow.

    3.1 Preset -06.png

    Step 7: To use a previously saved preset, select the Preset tab [10].

    3.1 Preset -07.png

    Step 8:In the Preset tab, please select the Library Filter [11]according to your needs.

    TipIf you are using tooth stocks we recommend selecting Non-scalable.
    If you are manufacturing teeth we recommend selecting Only scalable
    If you want to see all the options select All

    3.1 Preset -08.png

    Step 9:To select a preset, click in the Dropdown menu [12] and choose one option by clicking [13].

    3.1 Preset -09 1.png

    Step 10: In the end, click Next [14] to continue.

    3.1 Preset -10.png