Viewing a scene in exocad webview

Step 1:Double-click the HTML file to open it in your browser or paste the link into the address bar of your browser.

Webview 1.png
Step 2: Enter the password (if one was set).

Step 3:In addition to the main viewer, the interface has three main navigational areas:

  • Group selector [1]

  • Settings [2]

  • Standard views [3]

Webview 2.png

Group selector

  • The group selector is located in the upper left corner.
  • Check/uncheck the entries in the list to show/hide objects in the main viewer.

Webview 3.png

  • Click the corresponding wheel icon for an object to view it as a mesh.

  • Use the slider control to adjust the object’s transparency level.

Webview 4.png


  • Click Settings to change the language, texture, shading or view product information about exocad webview.

Webview 5.png

Standard views

Webview 6b.png

  • Select from the available standard view orientations using the arrows on the lower right side.

  • Return to the default view by clicking Default view.

  • Alternatively, click and drag the model with your mouse to rotate the view freely.