Dicom Viewer

What the DICOM Viewer is

The Dicom Viewer is a tool that allows dental technicians to view data from CT (Computerized tomography), CBCT (Cone beam computer tomography), or 3D X-Ray scan data sets. It can also be used to perform matching between DICOM and STL data (registration), and to generate surfaces from DICOM data sets (DICOM to STL).

What the DICOM Viewer is not

To avoid misunderstandings: The DICOM Viewer is not an implant planning software, nor will it allow you to design drill guides. It is also not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Launching the DICOM viewer

To begin the Dental CAD application must be launched, then right click in the background, click on " view" then click on "DICOM viewer". The Dicom viewer window is now open, click on the "select data" button, you can Shift to apply the selection to the group files - similar to marking files in Windows Explorer-The data set or .DCM files must be loaded all together

Dicom Viewer1a.png

Once the data is selected click "load data"

Dicom Select2a.png

Warning Remember not to include the Thumbnail file which is either the first or last of the file set