Emergence profile

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2015 on. See documentation for older versions

Since the implant positions and the geometries are correctly placed we can now define the emergence profile margin line. This process is very similar to define the margin of a preparation, see section Detect / edit margins.

Define Emergence Profile - DETECT - window Bubble - PIC.png

Four points must be set by clicking at positions on the emergence profile margin line which starts the auto detection feature.

Define Emergence Profile - CORRECT DRAW w Bubble - NEW.png

In the "Correct/Draw" tab you can easily correct this margin line. The functionality is the same like it is described in the "Editing the margin line" section. The Preconditioned Gingiva[X] checkbox means that the gingiva has either been formed to an inserted healing abutment cap or sculpted by a doctor, as with an electrosurge. To define the emergence profile margin line for the next tooth or to proceed with further steps click "Next".