User interface

WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2022 on. See documentation for older versions


In DentalDB choose between “Light” and “Dark ” for the user interface. In order to do that, click Settings [1] and afterwards select one of the options in the User interface theme[2] .

UI 3.1-01.png

Find below a representation of the Dark theme [3] and Light theme [4].

UI 3.1-02.png


The same option is also available in DentalCAD. Open the DentalCAD software and click on the Main Toolbar, the option Tools [1]. Afterward, select Settings [2]. UI 3.1-03.png

UI 3.1-04.png

The Settings window will open. Select the User interface theme [3] and choose Dark [4] or Light [5]. Click OK after selecting. Below, find an example of both options.

Please note that the changes will only be applied after restarting the application.

  • Dark

UI 3.1-05.png

  • Light

UI 3.1-06.png

In order to add a different background color, click the + button as shown below. Select one color and click ok to create a new Preset Color. UI 3.1-07.png

Don't forget to restart the application to apply the changes.

UI 3.1-08.png