Toolpath Creation


Graphic area, shows the reconstructions that are nested, you can choose which parts will be calculated. [1]:All parts will have a Green indicator if they are not already calculated, and are ready to mill

  • "Click" on a reconstruction to select only this part for milling, other parts will have a yellow indication
  • "click the same part again" to deselect all reconstructions
  • using "SHIFT/click" to disable / enable any part for milling

Blank information is displayed [2]:

Select Machine

Choose the CNC Machine that you will use, if you have several machines...... [3]:

Design Selection

Define the reconstruction to mill and the type [4]:

  • Choose a single reconstruction to mill or All
  • Enable / Disable reconstructions for milling

Milling Strategy

This selection will be automatically set for exocad reconstructions, if the part has been imported as STL then you should choose the appropriate strategy

  • set the type of strategy i.e. crown/bridge, Inlay or abutment
  • Turn off the "Material Filter" to see all of the different strategies for all materials

Strategy Parameters

set the milling strategy [5]:

  • "Standard"
  • "Fine"
  • "5 axis"

The progress of calculation is displayed [6]:

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