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Welcome to the English online documentation for the exocad PartialCAD!

You may access to this PartialCAD Wiki in two fashions. The first is to Right-click in the CAD Design window, then Left-click on Help . Then second is to "double" Left-click on the current tool, in the far left-hand corner of the dynabar. See below for a list of topics.

Notes on Hardware/Software Requirements

The PartialCAD has stronger hardware requirements for the graphics card than the classic exocad DentalCAD software - for optimal performance, a lot of data processing is done on the graphics card.

The software will work with NVIDIA graphics cards only. A minimum of 2GB and CUDA level 3.0 is required (see list of CUDA levels of different graphics cards). AMD/ATI and Intel graphics chips are not supported. Older or entry-level NVIDIA chips will not work either, or will result in poor performance. Please make sure you use 64 bit Windows Operating System (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10).


To generate a case, simply complete the prescription in the DentalDB (Customer and Job Name are required), then define one or more Partial framework teeth on one arch (we do not yet support opposing jaws in the partial preview software).


Then, scan normally using your exoscan or workflow integration scanner. Next, launch the PartialCAD button in your database. The scanned arch should appear in a window, as shown below (upper example):


The PartialCAD software uses the exocad mouse interface (neither Haptic nor 3D Connexxion devices are currently supported). For previous Sensable(R) users, the mouse control conventions are:

  • Mouse Click and Hold – Select, Draw, or Paint (depends on current tool)
  • Right Mouse Drag – Rotate the view
  • Right Mouse Click – Show Properties of the object (right click in background to save, load, help, save, etc...)
  • Left and Right Drag – Translate the view (move)
  • Scroll wheel – Zoom
  • Scroll wheel click – Re-center view

The PartialCAD user interface is quite different from exocad, in that there is no wizard window but a workflow suggestion at the bottom of the screen which contains the sub-command icons, settings and values specific to each tool. This workflow initializes with the Survey tool. Other tools and modes can be accessed by clicking on the "Expert" icon on the right hand side of the screen. Hover your cursor over these icons to see their name.

In the right click menu (a short right click anywhere in the CAD window background), a number of options for "saving" generate a .partialCAD "scene" file that can restore a particular state of the Partial software (scan + all freeforming changes. As ususal in exocad, all files associated with this job will be in the project folder accessible through the DentalDB.

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