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WarningThis page documents exocad's software releases from 2018 (Valletta Release) on. See documentation for older versions

HotkeySummary of hotkeys for DentalDB application
Key Description
Ctrl+Left Mouse Button In the tooth selection: Apply last selected settings to another tooth
Shift+Left Mouse Button Apply last selected settings for all teeth from the last selected tooth to the clicked tooth

HotkeySummary of hotkeys for DentalCAD application


Key Description
Right Mouse Button Rotate view
Right+Left Mouse Button Move view
Cursor Keys Move View
Middle Mouse Button Center view & set new rotation point
Press Wheel Button Center view & set new rotation point
Scroll Wheel Button Zoom in & out
POS1 Center view & set new rotation point
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Optimize for Remote View by Teamviewer/Netviewer/Remote Desktop/VNC etc.
Alt Press to temporarily show all objects. Release Alt to return to previous state.
Ctrl+R Space ruler
Ctrl+V Group selector
Ctrl+P Clip planes
F11 Full screen mode
CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Kiosk mode for demos

More hotkeys specific to certain features (e.g. free-forming) are available. Please see the documentation for the respective feature for details.

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