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Welcome to the English online documentation for the exocad Dental CAD Platform! See below for a list of topics.


Videos for beginners

When getting started with exocad DentalCAD, we recommend to watch introduction videos first. Afterwards, you can dive into the more advanced features documented in the Wiki.

Dentaldbicon.png Introduction to Basic Features / Offset Coping Design

Singlecrownicon.png Basic Features / Anatomic Coping with Cutback

Bridgeicon.png Designing a Three-Element Bridge



DentalDB Application


DentalCAD Application


Implant Module

To get started with the Implant Module, we recommend to watch our training video first:

Abutmenticon.png Introduction to the Implant Module / Custom Abutment Design

Written documentation about the individual steps can be found below:

Advanced training videos for specific types of implant bridges (as of 2016 versions):

Gingivaicon.png Implant Bridge with Gingiva Design and Labial Cutback

Thimbleicon.png "Thimble Crown" implant bridge

Wraparoundicon.png "Wrap around" implant bridge

Bar Module

Bite Splint Module

Provisional Module

Full Denture Module

Fulldentureicon.png Video tutorial: Full Denture Design

Model Creator

Virtual Articulator

exocam - exocad's CAM software

Camicon.png Video tutorial: exocam - Introduction Video

exoplan - exocad's implant planning software

ExoplanVideo.png Video tutorial: exoplan - Introduction Video

Partial Frameworks


TipStart the virtual documentation walk-through
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